Intelligent Automatic Gates & Doors

Five Reasons to Use Platform Screen Doors

Here are five key reasons to consider installing platform screen doors. 1. Prevent Falls Platform screen doors prevent accidental falls from the platform onto the lower track area. They help reduce deaths and injuries on transportation systems. They also prevent suicide attempts and homicides in which one person pushes another onto the tracks. Finally, by reducing the

Aerospace & Defense

Understanding Aircraft Landing Gear

A wheel braking system in the landing gear helps to slow down the aircraft, while a steering system facilitates movement of the aircraft while it is on the ground. Types of Aircraft Landing Gear Many aircraft use retractable landing gear, which reduces drag while the aircraft is in flight. This type of landing gear uses

Automation Solutions for Railway Systems

Four Reasons Trains Fail

No transportation system is perfect; however, so trains do still fail on occasion. Four of the most frequent causes of trains failing to move or reach full speed are the failure of power, a defect in the master control circuit, a defect in the motor control circuit, and failure of air brakes to release. Failure of

Smart Industrial AutomationWill the AI disrupt industrial automation?

How New Lab Technologies Can Enforce Company Efficiency?

For the occasion, we met Anaïs Fontaine, the laboratory test technician who successfully led this project. She’s also the one who will use it. In parallel, we have asked Laurent Jully, Quality and Transformation Director, to tell us more about the impact of this modernization on the company and its activity.   Anaïs, first of all,