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3 reasons why you should visit Intertraffic

Innovations in the world of traffic management & mobility ecosystem are evolving fast. The traffic technology and automotive industries are undergoing major technological transformations.   Be aware of the latest technological advancements and services If you are interested in a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments in Traffic & Mobility Industries, Intertraffic Amsterdam

Boeing’s visit to Crouzet

  The Boeing / Crouzet’s partnership in a few words    Jean-Marc Fron, Boeing France General Manager “I want to say that the relationship between Boeing and Crouzet is based primarily on innovation, which allows cost reduction & weight saving, which are very important on the aircraft program. Secondly, I want to use the words safety and

How to Make Access to Rail Stations Easier for Travelers With Reduced Mobility

They face challenges when they go to rail stations, ranging from difficulty navigating around crowds of people to safety issues. Here are a few strategies for improving rail station accessibility for people with reduced mobility.   Automatization Automating basic functionality in the rail station makes the overall experience easier for disabled travelers. Automated doors and passenger

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