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The Importance of Nuclear Valves in Safe Operation

Nuclear power is one of the most impressive and important sources of energy in the world today. Unlike petroleum-based energy, nuclear power does not pollute the air, is far more efficient and cost-effective. That being said, there are still considerable safety issues that must be addressed when operating a nuclear power plant. Here are a

Sponsoring public schools in Morocco

10 collaborators are committed in this program by tutoring and organizing after school activities. Learn-to-act program To contribute to young pupils’ individual development, volunteers will get involved into the “learn to act” program. Its main objective is to support pupils in their intellectual & emotional development, to help them become grown-up citizens, thanks to after

Making Nuclear Power Safer

Through more transparency, added safety measures and investment in plant improvements, governments have made progress towards this goal. However, communities demand that the world keep working to ensure safer nuclear energy. Fukushima’s Effect Around the World As a result of the accident, many countries decided to review their energy policies. The International Atomic Energy Agency

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