Access Control Trends from ISC West 2019

ISC West, one of the most important security and access control events in the world, just closed its doors. With new trends taking effect at an astonishing rate, access control manufacturers constantly need to improve safety, performance, and connectivity of their equipment.  Here are three access control trends we learned about at ISC West. Real-Time Speed

Weight on Wheels Proximity Switches

How to Detect Aircraft Weight on Wheels One way to detect whether an aircraft is on the ground or in the air is to use a sensor on the wheels to provide information about their position and weightbearing status. Another option is to compute the position of the aircraft landing gear from other state data.

What Motors to Use in Mountain Train Doors

Safe Performance in Any Situation Train doors are often perceived as failure-prone systems in rail vehicles. Malfunction of train doors can affect passengers’ safety & increase frequency of maintenance for railway operators. The electric drives operating the train doors should have adjustable closing force to freed up easily the passengers or their clothing or any

Landing Gear Safety Devices

  How Do Landing Gear Indicators Work? Gear indicators use proximity sensors positioned on the landing gear and wheel to detect the position of the landing gear. These sensors are coupled with a processing module. Together, they provide the landing gear control system with position data for the landing gear. The landing gear control software

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