Crouzet universal digital timer

March 17th 2020


echnologically advanced timer works for automation and control products as well as industrial applications.

Crouzet, global leader in the manufacture of mechatronic components, announces the launch of its universal digital timer, a product that offers unmatched flexibility and operational simplicity for use with complex applications.

Efficiency and Flexibility

This new digital timer comes with a unique universal connection, which makes it easy to install anywhere. It also offers big visualization capacity through its high-contrast LED digital screen, which uses large, easy-to-read digits so the user can clearly see and monitor the status of the timer. It’s multi-functional and includes all the operating functions users need (up to 138) to run applications. Users can also achieve precise time configurations using only their hands.

Crouzet universal digital timer

This new product offers a high level of user flexibility. The timer has two use-modes, basic and advanced, that let users choose basic parameters or configure additional parameters depending on their particular needs. It’s easily programmable and can be set in the user’s hands without the need of a power supply. The universal digital timer also allows the user to program the timer to work from as little as a 0.1 second delay to a delay as long as 100 days.

The universal timer is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as heating and cooling in building equipment, motor or pump control, industrial processes, lighting systems and more. This product offers a level of precision that was never possible with analog timers.

Additional Advantages

The universal timer’s compact body is a mere 17.5mm wide but still offers all the performance and power necessary. It comes with an optional security feature that locks user access through a password setting and allows change time only between set time limits. Crouzet made the timer compliant with the highest standards: Syr-line 17.5mm timers are CULus and CE certified.

In addition to all of these advanced features, the universal digital timer also has a simple range: only one reference that includes all functions. That means that customers get super fast configuration, clear visualization, a higher level of precision and the need for one product instead of many.

DesignLAB option

Crouzet also offers the services of their DesignLAB team for those customers with additional, specific needs. They can develop and co-design a customized timer with specific connections, output power, special functions and their own branding. This latest Crouzet offering has the potential to simplify and improve new projects and upgrade current, under-performing components, making it an essential new product for companies dealing with technologically advanced applications.

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