Huizhou hiking #CrouzetCleanUpWeek


n September 18th, our Huizhou plant organized an 18-KM 4-hour hiking activity as part of Crouzet global environmental week.

45 volunteers joined the activity. Divided into 8 groups, they turned on the pedometers and started to hike along the park in groups. Every collaborator was actively involved in the activity with vigor and energy. For four hours, they been helping each other. Although everyone was exhausted, all the volunteers were impressed by each other and spent a memorable day.

This activity aimed at appealing more employee to live in a healthy life, pay more attention to exercising, and contribute to low-carbon discharge environment.

“Through this event, we make our colleagues realized that we should use greener means of transportation : by walking, cycling, and using public transportation instead of private cars. We deeply realized the state of environment and the severe challenges it was facing. As part of the global village, we play a vital role in environmental protection. In the future, we should pay more attention to it.”, Ocean Zhao said.

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