Crouzet Germany collecting old mobiles


ur collaborators based in Hilden have launched a phone collection.

Satisfying both an environmental and humanitarian concern, this collect is led by the “It’s For Kids” organization with the logistic contribution of Deutsche Telekom AG.

“It’s For Kids” collects different items in order to raise money for neglected, abused, and disadvantaged children. The basic idea of the founders was that every supporter can make a big difference with small, creative donations even without financial investment (for example they accept gold teeth and hair donations).

Regarding mobile phone collection, even if the mobile phone does not work anymore, it contains valuable raw materials such as copper, gold and silicon, among others.

The mobile phones are sent to Deutsche Telekom AG for recycling and they, in turns, send money to the organization in exchange for the phones. The money is then donated to local charities that benefit children.

Our Hilden colleagues collected a total of 52 mobile phones…let’s say one per week ! They will be sent to Telekom before the end of the year.

To know more, visit the “It’s for kids” website (German language).

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