Platform Screen Doors


latform Screen Doors are an important safety feature increasingly used in subway and tram stations around the world. These doors stop unwanted access to the tracks and tunnels as well as improving the atmosphere of the station.

In order to keep passengers safe and the doors operational, high-quality, reliable components have to keep them running long into the future. One such example of these types of components is DC brush motors.

Two functions of DC Brush Motors in Platform Screen Doors

Used for well over a century, brush motors have long been one of the most relevant and important developments in the mechanical industry. They have a wide variety of applications, from the cutting-edge robotics industry to the ever-present manufacturing sector.

However, in this article, we will be covering what DC brush motors are and how using them can enhance safety in the traffic and transportation industries.

DC brush motors have two main functions when used to control platform screen doors. The first and most obvious function is to open and close the doors reliably and quickly. The second is to detect the status of the doors and prevent passenger injury. The motors can analyze the torque applied to the doors so that they don’t close on anyone who might be in the middle of the doors during closing. Thus, they are of great use to prevent potentially crushing or injuring anyone unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Position Status Detection in the Traffic Industry

Position Status Detection refers to the state a door or lock is in the traffic industry. This is of paramount importance in transportation and traffic, as it affects both safety and security measures across all transportation methods. One of the most effective ways to achieve this security is through the use of snap-action microswitches. These switches are characterized by their small size and longevity. Some models can last over 10 million cycles before needing to be replaced. The switches require a very small actuation force. Positioned and used to moderate platform screen doors on rail tracks, they can ensure thay they stay where they’re designed to. As double safety measure, these switches ensure that the contacts will open even if the snap mechanism spring breaks.



Railway and transportation security are of the utmost importance in our daily lives. With millions of people relying on these stations every single day, it’s important to make sure that nothing goes wrong. And,┬ájust in case something does, it’s also important to have plans and contingencies in place. All railway stations should use platform screen doors. They provide numerous benefits from security to aesthetics, and by using DC brush motors and snap-action microswitches, we can keep people secure and protected.


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