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Phone collection at Crouzet Hilden, Germany

O ur collaborators based in Hilden have launched a phone collection. Satisfying both an environmental and humanitarian concern, this collect is led by the “It’s For Kids” organization with the logistic contribution of Deutsche Telekom AG. “It’s For Kids” collects different items in order to raise money for neglected, abused, and disadvantaged children. The basic

Huizhou: Hiking for Nature’s Sake.

45 volunteers joined the activity. Divided into 8 groups, they turned on the pedometers and started to hike along the park in groups. Every collaborator was actively involved in the activity with vigor and energy. For four hours, they been helping each other. Although everyone was exhausted, all the volunteers were impressed by each other

Blood donation in India

65 volunteers gathered to generously donate their blood as part of a new CSR action in Bangalore. To thank them for this very personal and engaging donation, donators received certificates. All the collected blood then went to the blood bank of the major hospital in Bangalore. Congratulation to all the participants in this generous and

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