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How to Prevent Power Distribution Shortage on Trains

Modern railway electrification systems are complex combinations of parts working together to provide power, safety and efficiency under even the harshest conditions and demands. The power distribution industry relies heavily on the use of intelligent systems to detect faults in components of railcars. Predicting the possible presence of flaws is essential to preventing train stoppage

Innovation for Advanced Management of new Electrical Hazards!

According to Dominique-Robert Meux—in charge of Crouzet’ Aerospace products and co-chairman of SAE consolidated AE-8B-committee, co-chairman of SAE Electromechanical CB work group and Chairman of ASD-Stan D2S5 for Europe–, the challenges created by electrical hazards are opportunities to innovate. Why worry about “new” electrical hazards in Aerospace? These hazards are not new by nature. What’s

Crouzet Contributes to Japanese Aircraft Industry

Drastically increase the safety analysis and fire awareness

To make the regional jet the safest, most environmentally friendly, and efficient on the market, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has contacted the most reliable and time-tested manufacturers of systems and sub-systems. Crouzet Aerospace was chosen as a supplier of the circuit breaker panel for the MRJ90, Mitsubishi Regional Jet. “This was a new challenge for Crouzet