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Garos Crouzet lays the first stone

Couëron, September 30th 2020 One stone atop another  After acquiring Garos in February 2019 and merging Garos Capteurs and Garos Electronique into Garos Crouzet SAS last April, Crouzet is now investing to combine the teams at Vigneux-de-Bretagne and Bouguenais into a single site. A notable group came to Couëron, halfway between the two old sites,

Crouzet’s solid state relays are back

November 3rd 2020 An extensive new light-design range  Maybe you remember Crouzet’s GN and GNA solid state relay ranges? Then you’ll definitely be delighted to see them again with all the characteristics you appreciate, and some new characteristics too. The new relays have the same power outputs, with a lighter design, ideal for harsh environments,