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Crouzet acquires Garos and enlarges its sensor offering

February 18th 2019 Strengthening its position on the aerospace, transportation and industry market sectors. Garos, an SME based in Nantes, is the leading company in France for designing and manufacturing custom force sensors. Garos’s specialist reputation makes it the ideal partner for addressing the aerospace, industry and lifting/handling markets. By measuring the strain on materials,

Thrust Reversal Systems in Jet Aircraft

This is accomplished by a simple reversal of the jet blast flow, by using thrust reverser doors to block the blast and redirect it forward. Today’s aircraft use three different types of thrust reversal systems.   Target Thrust Reversal Target thrust reversers use hydraulically operated doors called buckets. Also called bucket thrust reversal, they are

Railway : What Functions for Tomorrow’s Trains?

  What trends are you seeing in the railway market today? I can see three drivers that are clearly reshaping demand from railway operators. The first one is safety, in the broad sense of the term. Then cost control. That means more than just reducing costs: it also means keeping a tight rein on costs (especially

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