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Celebrating 50 years of Industrial Presence in Germany

Markus, first of all, thank you for welcoming us for this interview. So 50 years…that’s a lot of industrial developments, processes and activities. During those years, what has guided the company to ensure its long-lasting presence in Germany? Developing and maintaining a local presence in Germany has always been something challenging for us. Our cohesive

Innovation for Advanced Management of new Electrical Hazards!

According to Dominique-Robert Meux—in charge of Crouzet’ Aerospace products and co-chairman of SAE consolidated AE-8B-committee, co-chairman of SAE Electromechanical CB work group and Chairman of ASD-Stan D2S5 for Europe–, the challenges created by electrical hazards are opportunities to innovate. Why worry about “new” electrical hazards in Aerospace? These hazards are not new by nature. What’s

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