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John’s ‘Prospect Hospice’ Marathon

O ur UK Regional Sales Manager, John Storey engaged in the very challenging London Marathon Walk to raise funds for the local Prospect Hospice in Swindon UK. To support him in his action Crouzet Valence donated 900 GBP resulting from the 2019 annual sports event that is run each year to help local associations and

Crouzet India Contributes to Helping Monsoon Flood Victims

Employees at our Bangalore facility reacted quickly and through their local CSR programme, Crouzet donated 20,000 IRS to the local ELCIA Association to help finance the rescue operations that had to be urgently deployed to support the people living in the devastated areas. Mallikarjunappa Handarkalli Mahadevappa, Crouzet’s local HR Manager told us ‘Exceptional rains have

Valence employees gather warm clothes

On both Valence sites, we organised our annual collection of winter clothing and personal hygiene articles. Employees donated an impressive number of coats, hats, blankets as well razors, tooth brushes, soaps and cream. As usual, Crouzet matched their efforts by buying 13 sleeping bags for a value of 200 Euros. Basic products, clothes and blankets