turnstile is a gate that controls or monitors pedestrian traffic flow. This important physical structure has a variety of safety and security applications, and is found in industries ranging from transport and energy to hospitality and financial services.

Here’s a brief guide to the importance of turnstiles and the major trends and manufacturers in the turnstile market.

Definition of a Turnstile

At its most basic, a turnstile is simply a gate that manages pedestrian traffic flow by allowing the single-file passage of people in one or two directions. However, many turnstiles boast more advanced features that enable them to integrate with other access control systems to increase security while controlling people flow. For example, turnstiles can accommodate a range of credential readers, including keypads, card readers and biometric readers. They can also integrate with people counting systems to monitor pedestrian traffic flow.

There are several types of turnstile, each suited to a particular application. Waist-high turnstiles are among the most popular types of turnstiles. They consist of a three-arm barrier positioned at waist height that rotates to allow pedestrian traffic flow. These highly durable turnstiles are best suited to locations that have high levels of pedestrian traffic.

Other types of turnstiles include optical turnstiles, which create passage lanes, and full-height turnstiles, which act like revolving doors. Optical turnstiles are suitable for locations where entry speed, aesthetics and handicap access are important, while full-height turnstiles are ideal for areas that require maximum security.

Turnstile Applications

Turnstiles play an important role in improving safety and security, as they can control pedestrian traffic flow and reduce unauthorized access into an area or entire premises without causing harm to individuals. They can also be used to monitor pedestrian numbers and restrict access only to pass or ticket holders.

Amusement parks, sports stadiums and public transport hubs are three examples of sites that use turnstiles to control or restrict access to particular areas. Offices, factories, power plants and other commercial premises also use turnstiles to create a safer workplace environment.

Turnstile Market Trends

The demand for turnstiles is high and the market is set to continue growing at a rapid pace. Research reveals that Turnstar, Cominfo, Automatic Systems, Boon Edam, Hayward Turnstiles and Gunnebo are among the manufacturers currently dominating the market. These companies must invest in innovation and technological change to ensure continued growth and success.

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