Logic controller remote management


rogrammable Logic Controllers, or PLCs, are industrial computers that make logic-based decisions for machines and automated processes.

These computers are often small and easily transported and installed. They have been around for decades and have contributed to the evolution of automation and device communication in a number of industries. Now, newer PLCs offer more advanced features that can significantly improve productivity in your business.

PLC Basics

PLCs replaced the old relay systems that were not dependable. They tended to arc, causing excess heat that led to device failure. PLCs are more reliable. They are a 16 or 32 bit microprocessor that also has a memory chip as well as circuits that allow process monitoring, device communication and logic control.

Key Features

Key features of contemporary logic controllers include input/output modules that connect to switches, sensors, actuators, motors and pumps. This versatility makes PLCs easy to use and invaluable in a number of industries, including agriculture, construction, and solar.

The Modbus RS-485 allows for Bluetooth and Ethernet communication with other machine components and makes programming hard-to-access controllers simple. In many instances, you no longer need to use expensive HMIs. Plus, you can program in a quiet environment away from noisy equipment. Application software allows the user to easily program the PLC. Some models offer visual programming as well as pre-programmed function blocks that you can drop and drag into your chosen application, meaning even first-time users can be successful.


A PLC serves a number of functions depending on which system it is running. These functions include temperature, pressure, and altitude, and water flow control. You can measure and record key parameters and routinely receive datalogs by software file, FTP or email.

You can also choose the events that you want to monitor and get routine status updates and alarm notifications. These advanced PLCs are adaptable to your company’s particular needs.


Programmable logic controllers now have exciting new capabilities that make your company more productive. Even relative novices can program these PLCs, allowing you to better use your workforce. In particular, they offer you advanced capability and simplicity of use.


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