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Four Reasons Trains Fail

Atrain failure makes big headlines, while train successes frequently go unpublicized. You do not often read about train improvements or customer satisfaction. Yet, technological advancements are constantly making railway travel safer and more efficient. No transportation system is perfect; however, so trains do still fail on occasion. Four of the most frequent causes of trains

How to Prevent Power Distribution Shortage on Trains

The power distribution industry relies heavily on the use of intelligent systems to detect faults in components of railcars. Predicting the possible presence of flaws is essential to preventing train stoppage and accidents, as well as ensuring passenger safety.   Power Distribution Basics A railway electrification system uses electricity to power railway trains and trams

Boeing’s visit to Crouzet

  The Boeing / Crouzet’s partnership in a few words    Jean-Marc Fron, Boeing France General Manager “I want to say that the relationship between Boeing and Crouzet is based primarily on innovation, which allows cost reduction & weight saving, which are very important on the aircraft program. Secondly, I want to use the words safety and