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Access Control Trends from ISC West 2019

ISC West, one of the most important security and access control events in the world, just closed its doors. With new trends taking effect at an astonishing rate, access control manufacturers constantly need to improve safety, performance, and connectivity of their equipment.  Here are three access control trends we learned about at ISC West. Real-Time Speed

Weight on Wheels Proximity Switches

How to Detect Aircraft Weight on Wheels One way to detect whether an aircraft is on the ground or in the air is to use a sensor on the wheels to provide information about their position and weightbearing status. Another option is to compute the position of the aircraft landing gear from other state data.

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Crouzet’s solid state relays are back

November 3rd 2020 An extensive new light-design range  Maybe you remember Crouzet’s GN and GNA solid state relay ranges? Then you’ll definitely be delighted to see them again with all the characteristics you appreciate, and some new characteristics too. The new relays have the same power outputs, with a lighter design, ideal for harsh environments,

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Garos Crouzet lays the first stone

Couëron, September 30th 2020 One stone atop another  After acquiring Garos in February 2019 and merging Garos Capteurs and Garos Electronique into Garos Crouzet SAS last April, Crouzet is now investing to combine the teams at Vigneux-de-Bretagne and Bouguenais into a single site. A notable group came to Couëron, halfway between the two old sites,

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Definition A solid state relay is an electronic component which performs an interface function with electrical isolation between a control circuit, usually at low level, and a power circuit connected to loads which may have high power ratings (motors, pumps, solenoid valves, heaters, etc).  In other words, it is an electrical component used to switch on

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