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Access Control Trends from ISC West 2019

Real-Time Speed Control of a Brushless DC Motor via Ethernet Ethernet connectivity is overtaking traditional fieldbuses for an increasing array of functions. Faster data rates and easy industrial implementation are among the numerous technological advances. Motors with integrated industrial communication protocols simplify operation. Bluetooth Connectivity for Easy Parameter Functionality The ability to program the software

What Motors to Use in Mountain Train Doors

Safe Performance in Any Situation Train doors are often perceived as failure-prone systems in rail vehicles. Malfunction of train doors can affect passengers’ safety & increase frequency of maintenance for railway operators. The electric drives operating the train doors should have adjustable closing force to freed up easily the passengers or their clothing or any

3 Trends to Know in the Nuclear Market

The Nuclear Industry Is Undergoing a Digital Transformation Many industry leaders see digitization as the future of nuclear energy. While some people outside of the industry worry about the effects of digitizing nuclear energy production, 75 percent of nuclear workers say that digitization is a positive development. Digitization gives the industry tools that it has