UAM: The New Game-Changer for Green Mobility


he number of electronic aircraft in development has increased over the past three years to almost 50 percent worldwide. Some Urbain Air Mobility (UAM) pioneers have announced within the next five years they want to be introducing the flying taxi.

We should all look to the future. Doing so helps us notice industries like UAM rapidly developing. Although they are relatively new in the aerospace industry, they are developing with a keen outlook and they foresee a promising future.

UAM: The New Game-Changer for Green Mobility

Many of the world’s population already live in the city today, allowing for 80 percent of global GDP. Without a skillful plan, most big cities are risking pollution, which is nowadays leading to a poor quality way of life. When INRIX released its 2019 Global Scorecard, it showed every country from across the globe and its worst levels of traffic congestion. Green aviation will improve and develop alternative forms of transportation globally. That’s why it will be a huge game-changer.

Urban Air mobility transport takes advantage of uncluttered, low altitude airspace. It transports its passengers to destinations between 5 and 50 miles giving them that extra time to grab a coffee and be on time for important meetings. All this happens without creating big road projects and adding to road congestion or pollution.   

Benefits to Using Urban Air Mobility

Using Urban Air Mobility transport has many advantages. Noise reduction is just the tip of the iceberg, air mobility transport is going to advance dramatically over the next five years.
With safer, quieter, and cleaner engines, Urban Air Mobility vehicles allow for a sustainable mobility environment.

UAM helps reducing pollution and traffic congestion. Thus, having access to intercity mobility transportation like the flying taxi in the city will allow you to get to your destination faster cutting back on the pollution that comes from road works or being stuck in a big city traffic jam in a normal city taxi.


Urban Air Mobility is definitely the path to green mobility. Higher speeds, less pollution, not as many road projects, all lead to a sustainable mobility environment. Most communities should expect to see multiple benefits to UAM. As Urban Air mobility matures and gets deployed, new operational styles will then emerge. The future is definitely bright for UAM. Today’s research strengths in both aerospace and green aviation services means we will all benefit from a sudden surge in innovation activity.

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