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Huizhou: Hiking for Nature’s Sake.

O n September 18th, our Huizhou plant organized an 18-KM 4-hour hiking activity as part of Crouzet global environmental week. 45 volunteers joined the activity. Divided into 8 groups, they turned on the pedometers and started to hike along the park in groups. Every collaborator was actively involved in the activity with vigor and energy.

Chinese locations declare war on plastics

This year, Chinese employees decided to launch a long-term radical battle against plastic. Instead of cleaning up nature when the damage has already been done, they chose to take proactive actions Every part of the company is concerned on both Shanghai and Huizhou locations : offices, production lines, canteen… Among identified actions, we can name:

Badminton contest in Huizhou for a good work-life balance

The activity aimed at encouraging employees to live a healthy life, by paying more attention to exercising, and improving their physical condition. 23 employees including Sales Engineers from from different regions of China turned up at the Jiuzhong gym. After warming up, they grouped by themselves into teams and started to play badminton, swinging, jumping