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Landing Gear Safety Devices

  Landing gear safety devices have many important functions, among the most critical of which is to prevent the landing gear from retracting or collapsing while the aircraft is on the ground. Gear indicators are another important safety device. These indicators let the pilot know the position status of the landing gear, which can help

3 Challenges in Landing Gear Design

1. Weight Landing gear typically makes up between three and six percent of the total weight of an aircraft. Even though fixed gear is typically lighter than retractable gear, it increases aerodynamic drag when the aircraft is in flight. To address the challenge of landing gear weight, designers use materials that are lightweight but strong.

Boeing’s visit to Crouzet

  The Boeing / Crouzet’s partnership in a few words    Jean-Marc Fron, Boeing France General Manager “I want to say that the relationship between Boeing and Crouzet is based primarily on innovation, which allows cost reduction & weight saving, which are very important on the aircraft program. Secondly, I want to use the words safety and