Landing Gear Safety Devices



anding gear safety devices have many important functions, among the most critical of which is to prevent the landing gear from retracting or collapsing while the aircraft is on the ground. Gear indicators are another important safety device. These indicators let the pilot know the position status of the landing gear, which can help to reduce the risk of an accident occuring. 

How Do Landing Gear Indicators Work?

Gear indicators use proximity sensors positioned on the landing gear and wheel to detect the position of the landing gear. These sensors are coupled with a processing module. Together, they provide the landing gear control system with position data for the landing gear. The landing gear control software coverts this data into command signals. They control electrically activated valves associated with landing gear components. By energizing or de-energizing the solenoid coils of the electrically activated valves, the signals can activate the valves to control the position of the landing gear. In this way, proximity sensors and processing units play a vital role in landing gear safety. They control the position of the landing gear, as well as providing the pilot with vital information about the current landing gear position status.

Types of Proximity Sensors

There are two types of proximity sensors:

  • Active sensors contain integrated electronics, which process data.
  • Passive sensors have external electronics. The passive sensors generate data which is sent ot the external electronics for processing.

Both types of proximity sensors are useful for landing gear safety. They detect the stowed or deployed status of the landing gear.

Importance of Landing Gear Indicators

Gear indicators are a safety critical device for aircraft with retractable landing gear. Pilots should be able to see right away whether the landing gear is currently stowed or deployed. Gear indicators perform an important role in preventing the collapse or retraction of landing gear, which could cause significant damage to the aircraft. In an emergency or unusual situation, gear indicators provide pilots with information that can help them make the best and safest decision possible given the circumstances.

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