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brushless motors are often the best solution when your application demands accurate control of speed, torque and position.

They can interact with PLCs, other motors and with many types of sensors to create an autonomous motion control system.

In addition to its high power, high precision and technical characteristics, here are 5 more reasons why selecting SQ75 motors is a smart choice.

A protection against wrong polarity

Integrating products in customers’ business environments means paying great attention both to the machine and to its operator, especially during installation, operation and maintenance phases.
With its protection against wrong polarity and wiring defaults, the motor will not be destroyed in the event of applying reverse polarity.

The widest voltage range on the market

Thanks to a voltage range from 9 to 75 volt input, the SQ75 can be used safely in 12-volt battery-operated applications such as AGVs like warehouse or agricultural robots.
This wide voltage range also protects against damage due to energy rejection caused by other motors on the network. For example, on a conveyor belt.
Last but not least, the wide voltage range is also helpful in high energy applications such as winches or service robots by limiting motor overheating.

A protection against overheating

Overheating is common when motors operate in applications with high acceleration and high deceleration phases.
You can implement an optional software enabled ballast resistor or connect an external ballast to dissipate excess energy.

STOs to keep it safe

The two Safe Torque Off inputs provide an emergency stop feature that shuts down the motor immediately while maintaining power to the microprocessor.
Said another way, you can simply push the red button on the machine and the motor will stop immediately to protect the operator. For instance, on a machine integrated on a safety chain and requiring a special operation by a technician.

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emergency red button

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Water- and dustproof

Finally, the SQ75 is IP67* and IP69* rated. It can handle immersion in up to one meter of water, high-pressure cleaning from a power washer and will operate temperatures typical to many applications.
You can confidently apply SQ75 in harsh environments like agricultural and security robots, entry barriers or wet and dusty indoor applications such as autonomous cleaning robots.
Many Brushless motors require connection to an external electronic drive for maximum performance allowing you to control every parameter directly from software loaded onto a PC. Crouzet however designed the DCmind family of Brushless motors with an integrated electronic drive providing all the functions of traditional servomotors.

(Re)discover all technical features of the new Crouzet SQ75 Brushless motor on our website.

* except from front face and shaft.

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