Crouzet acquires Garos

February 18th 2019


rouzet, an automated systems specialist, announces the acquisition of Garos sensor, electronics and instrumentation businesses and sets out its growth and external development plan.

Strengthening its position on the aerospace, transportation and industry market sectors.

Garos, an SME based in Nantes, is the leading company in France for designing and manufacturing custom force sensors. Garos’s specialist reputation makes it the ideal partner for addressing the aerospace, industry and lifting/handling markets. By measuring the strain on materials, Garos sensors ensure a control function in automated systems (Editor’s note: Crouzet’s core business) allowing Crouzet to propose a complete offer. This acquisition also gives Crouzet a significant opportunity to expand its line of sensors dedicated to applications in extreme environments.

Technological and commercial synergies.

A high degree of complementarity between Garos and Crouzet products provides significant opportunities for the creation of value.

« Crouzet will support the development of Garos thanks to our industrial know-how and synergies with our international commercial teams » commented David Arragon, CEO of Crouzet.

Furthermore, the technical expertise of Garos’s teams complements Crouzet’s mechatronic know-how.

An initial acquisition that will lead to others

Since 1921, Crouzet has provided these same products and services with an emphasis on collaborating with customers to suit their specific needs.

« Crouzet’s financial solidity is a guarantee for the future of customers, employees and partners of Garos businesses » assured Jean Garos, CEO of the Garos group. This acquisition falls in line with Crouzet’s external growth strategy targeting leading-edge companies in the design, production and sale of mechatronic components for application in extreme environments.

Crouzet has high ambitions: « The acquisition plan will drive the growth of our company which aims to become one of the world’s leading component manufacturers for aerospace and transportation, energy and building markets» declared Gerald Grandsire, Mergers and Acquisitions Director at Crouzet.

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