Crouzet Shanghai ESG


t is well known that Chinese people are one step ahead from us when it comes to use their smartphone.

And when it comes to use it to act in favour of the environment, we are happy with it. The Crouzet’s employees based in Shanghai have launched a new challenge through the Ant Forest app.

The app can be used to pay the bus fee, to rent a bike. Each time your action helps reducing the impact on the environment, people gets green bonus for their efforts. As it is linked with China Green Foundation, these bonus are then transformed into a donation to plant a tree in Xinjiang province of China.

This long-lasting CSR program aims at inciting colleagues to use environmental-friendly means of transportation and change their way of life (by limiting the use of HVAC for instance).

To make it fun, the Shanghai local team decided to give the “Green Hero” title to the most committed colleagues. 2 ways to become a “Green Hero” :

  • be the one with the most energy contribution
  • be the one who donate most for tree planting

Each time a competitor donates for a tree (populus euphratica, see top picture), the Crouzet company will match the donation to encourage and support this local initiative.

The CSR committee is really looking forward to discovering their 2019 Green Hero!

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