Crouzet Virtual Display for maintenance


eactivity, cost efficiency and safety are the keys to an efficient and successful partnership between an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and an integrator or end client.

With the constant desire to make operations easier, Crouzet has taken things one step further in the design and manufacture of communication systems by introducing its new app, the Crouzet Virtual Display, and providing a win-win relationship opportunity.

Simple and mobile for greater responsiveness

Picture this… You are a machine manufacturer or integrator and your customer asks you for a solution to improve the management and inspection of his machine while limiting downtime. This relatively simple upgrade requires the software program to be updated and installed, meaning that a technician has to travel to the site. Depending on the geographical location and how important this change is, sending out a technician can be quite costly… or rather, “could” be costly because Crouzet is now offering you an alternative with a free app that will save you a lot of time and money.

To provide your customer with fast support, all you have to do now is send the updated program, by email for example, to an on-site contact who can then simply transfer it from his phone via Bluetooth*.
With the Crouzet Virtual Display, instead of sending technicians to work on site, machine manufacturers, panel manufacturers and other users now have a new solution to help implement their maintenance operations.

Virtual Display but real benefits

Designed to allow remote access to the controller’s display and front-end buttons, it provides an accurate representation of the display of the connected PLC without any need for additional coding on this virtual display. In addition, the Crouzet Virtual Display can be used on both PCs and mobile devices and can communicate with the controller via Ethernet, Bluetooth or a USB port.
This flexibility improves mobility and facilitates remote operations: making them easier than ever, from anywhere, without (un)plugging a single cable.

Virtually connected to an em4 or Millenium EVO (nano-plc, remote controller or Crouzet logic controller), the tool offers clear advantages for monitoring, daily supervision and maintenance of the systems. Its features allow you to view and change settings, read and write programs or applications, download datalog, or perform a diagnostic analysis.

This means you are able to choose the best location for the controller in the overall installation. By connecting a smartphone to several “blind” products, it is no longer necessary to actually see them in front of you and the result is a very economical solution. Moreover, there is also a guarantee of employee safety. The procedure is fast and safe even in remote locations, where access is difficult or where the computer network is inadequate.

Combining accessibility and security

“As soon as the program has been adjusted by the expert, it only takes a few minutes to update it locally. Anyone can do it! As the program is already complete, there is no danger that the expert’s program may be corrupted or counterfeited”, explains Hugo Neri, Automation & Control Product Manager at Crouzet.

Crouzet Virtual Display for maintenance

By increasing their level of responsiveness without exposing their knowledge to potential misuse, suppliers can build on their existing strengths and increase customer confidence and competitiveness.
And the icing on the cake is that they can update firmware in the same way.

With faster troubleshooting that empowers the customer without sacrificing programmer expertise and security, there is no doubt that the new Crouzet Virtual Display will prove successful and will certainly be popular with users of Crouzet PLCs.

*Download for free on: App Store, Google Play and Windows

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