High-speed doors


igh-speed industrial doors are extremely useful for excluding draughts, maintaining temperatures and reducing energy consumption in industrial environments. Many industrial facilities use these doors to provide precise control over the conditions inside their buildings. When choosing high-speed doors for your facility, it is important to understand the different types of doors that are available and the benefits that each can provide.

Exterior Flexible Doors

Exterior high-speed doors provide insulation and access in a wide range of industrial environments. These adaptable doors quickly roll up to provide access for people or even vehicles. They can also close quickly, reducing draughts and protecting the internal environment, which is a feature that has very important benefits in climates that are very cold or very hot. Compared to exterior doors that open and close more slowly, high-speed flexible doors can reduce energy consumption, which leads to lower heating and cooling costs for businesses.

Exterior high-speed doors can also help to keep light, insects and dust out of the indoor environment. Exterior high-speed roller doors are available that offer excellent corrosion protection, ensuring that you get many years of use out of your investment in new exterior doors. High-speed doors come in all shapes and sizes, which means they can provide access for even the largest industrial vehicles.

Interior High-Speed Doors

Inside industrial buildings, interior high-speed doors help to maintain temperature and reduce air flow between controlled environments. These doors are useful in food processing facilities and laboratories, as well as in factories in general. Interior high-speed doors can also provide rapid access to emergency exits when it is needed. When an alarm is triggered, these doors open automatically to allow workers to quickly and safely evacuate the premises.

Why Use High-Speed Industrial Doors

High-speed industrial doors have a variety of applications. Many facilities use both exterior and interior high-speed doors to protect sensitive environments, such as food preparation areas, cold rooms, laboratories, mining environments, and high-tech manufacturing areas. If you need to control the environment inside your industrial facility, check out the various high-speed door options that are available to suit your needs in terms of performance, safety, and predictive maintenance.

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