#CrouzetCleanUpWeek 2018


o be consistent with the World Clean Up Day occuring on September 15th, the #CrouzetCleanUpWeek ran from 10th to 18th September.

Operating abroad in several countries, the company suggested to its employees everywhere to participate in this way in this new action to become “players for change”. We had no trouble in mobilizing its workforce for waste gathering operations. Throughout the week, they have gathered waste discarded around them in their spare time.
Even if the number of participants is very satisfactory, the company does not shout victory.

“The action has raised our awareness. Looking closely at the places which we frequent, the reality hit us in the face: plastic waste is everywhere. You can fill bag after bag and you have the impression there is still just as much” points out Christian Brevet, an early volunteer.

A trophy was created to reward the teams’ engagement:

  • The Indian team for its innovative action, in favour of both community and environment, and the engagement rate of its collaborators
  • The Chinese team who gathered a maximum of collaborators (in number)
  • The American team who achieved an engagement rate close to 100%

Employees were asked to talk about their engagement on Twitter. Taking into consideration each single communication action, we have estimated that our collaborators’ engagement amounted to a 500€ donation to be matched by Crouzet.
The total donation (1000€) will go to WeForest organization to participate in their project in India, to align with our Champions’ location. With our budget, they will be able to plant 1538 trees. Within 20 years, our trees will have sequestered 314 tons of carbon.

“We are very proud that our co-workers respond with such enthusiasm to this type of action. There are still many spots to be cleaned up but if everyone, to the best of their ability, gets involved, we are justified in hoping that our children do not inherit a dumping ground. But it’s here and now we must react”, warns Dean Whittaker, Corporate Social Responsibility manager (CSR) at Crouzet.

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