DC Motors for barriers


uality automatic gate openers are technologically advanced. They must be in order to meet clients’ security and safety needs.

Automatic openers need to open and close boom gates, rising arm barriers and car park barriers quickly and smoothly to keep pedestrians and motorists safe. Until recently, manufacturers used AC motors almost exclusively in these openers, but the trend has steadily been moving to DC motor use. These motors generally offer superior performance, and now they are affordable as well.


AC Motors

AC motors offer some excellent features. For one, alternating current motors are economical to produce, so, of course, manufacturers have been eager to use them. These motors are also simple in design as well as sturdy, so they are easy to use and maintain, a big plus for the industry. For years, these factors made AC motors the standard choice for automatic gate openers over direct current models.


DC Motors

DC, or direct current, motors offer manufacturers some clear advantages over their AC counterparts. They are safer because they run cooler even in high-cycle applications. They also are easier to control, so accidents are less likely to happen. These motors brake more quickly and can immediately reverse, an important safety factor for pedestrians. As an added bonus, they run quietly, unlike many AC motors.

DC motors are energy-efficient because they require two to four times less current than AC motors do. They are also smaller than the alternating current versions, allowing for flexibility in barrier design.

Direct current motors had one distinct disadvantage in the past: They required a conversion from AC power to DC, which was costly. New designs make this conversion both easy and economical. As a result, manufacturers are no longer afraid to embrace the DC motor.


Automatic gate openers can function with either an AC or DC motor, but new designs and current adapters make the direct current motor the best choice for barrier operation. They are safe, affordable and quiet, and they enhance the protection that automated barrier systems provide. Direct current should be the choice now and in the future.

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  1. W Mohd

    I installed a DC auto-gate in Mar 2017 but went faulty in Aug 20 and could only last for 3yrs due to its motor’s fault. Earlier I installed an AC auto-gate(Mag) back in 2010 and still working until now..the only thing I had to replaced was the limit switch. The AC auto-gate was installed at much heavier gate compare to DC. Thus, my conclusion is AC is much robust.