aircraft composite control wheels


omposite materials have kickstarted a revolution in commercial aircraft manufacturing. Their low weight and corrosion resistant characteristics make them very suitable for use in an aircraft. Composites have many advantages compared to metals, which can help the aircraft perform better and provide benefits for the flight crew.

Here are some of the benefits offered by aircraft control wheels made of advanced plastic composite.

Weight Saving

An aircraft control wheel made of advanced plastic composite can be as much as 27 percent lighter than one made of aluminum. This reduction in weight produces an increase in fuel efficiency, as the aircraft does not need to generate as much lift to counteract the weight of the plane. This weight saving benefit is most significant in smaller planes.

High Finishing Level

Advanced plastic composites can be finished to a very high level of quality. As a result, control wheels made of advanced plastic composites can improve the appearance of the cockpit. The material resists corrosion, which means that it will continue to have a high-quality finish for many years.

Temperature Comfort

Aluminum conducts heat, which means that control wheels made from this material can become uncomfortably hot or cold. In contrast, advanced plastic composite materials are temperature insulating, which means that they will help create a comfortable temperature for the pilot. Ensuring pilot comfort is important on long flights, when pilots must remain alert and focused throughout the journey.

Short Logistic Lead Time

Using advanced plastic composites in the manufacture of aircraft control wheels can cut down the lead time for the production of these important aircraft parts. As a result, manufacturers can get their planes fully operational as quickly as possible.

Short Repair Time

Broken aircraft components can lead to planes being grounded, which can cause huge logistical challenges. It is important for aircraft owners to be able to repair components as quickly as possible. Whereas aluminum aircraft control wheels can take an inconveniently long time to repair, using advanced plastic composite aircraft control wheels speeds up the repair process, reducing downtime for the aircraft.

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