Traffic booth barriers


o one likes being stuck in a traffic jam, whether it’s on the highway, in a parking lot or at a tollbooth. Automated traffic barriers such as a boom gate or automatic rising arm barrier are commonly used in traffic and roadway applications and motorway toll gates to control traffic flow.

Toll booths often experience long lines of cars, which can cause backups. But the use of intelligently automated gates allows for smoother and faster traffic control, thanks to a fast-acting DC brushless motor. Car park barriers that use a brushless motor can synchronize and coordinate every movement with high speed, efficiency and accuracy.


Automatic Barrier Applications

Boom gates are typically found in car parks and at level crossings, drawbridges, tollbooths and other checkpoints. These intelligent barriers often have a rising arm and are designed to operate in a wide variety of conditions. Some boom gates are automatically powered, while others may be operated manually.


Automatic Barriers for Better Traffic Control

Traditionally, cars can pass by a given point on the highway at a maximum speed of one car every 2 seconds, per lane. However, with a DC brushless motor capable of opening in 0.3 seconds, traffic flow and smoothness is greatly improved. Another advantage of this type of motor is optional controller area network (CAN) bus communication. CAN bus technology offers the capability to control the opening speed of all the barriers on the highway toll.
A DC brushless motor ensures that the barrier arm drops before a vehicle may pass, and then rises quickly once the vehicle has paid the toll. The result isĀ less traffic congestion and a smoother flow of cars through the car gate.


High-Speed DC Brushless Motors

The absence of brushes in the DC brushless motor lets the motor turn with a long service life. The drive unit with integrated electronics can run continuously without generating heat, so electromechanical boom barriers can operate continuously and under intensive use.
The electromechanical device has a large power range, safety inputs and fully programmable movements. This intelligent and flexible design makes the DC brushless motor an essential motorized solution for fluid traffic dynamics and better access control.

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