Aircraft Cockpit Design

Both aesthetics and ergonomics are important when it comes to cockpit design. The pilot needs to be as comfortable as possible during long and short flights alike. Yet, it’s equally important for the owner to feel satisfied with the look and design of the cockpit’s controls.

The aircraft cockpit (usually located in the front of the plane) is the control center of the airplane. This is also where the control panel and flight instruments are located. The pilot and co-pilot spend hours in here controlling the plane–both when it’s on the ground and in the air. The pilot’s and co-pilot’s comfort are extremely important when flying such long hauls. Luckily, there’s plenty of aesthetically pleasing options when it comes to ergonomic control wheel design.

Aspects of Aesthetic Design of a Control Wheel

When it comes to aircrafts, appearance matters. Let’s face it: most people buy planes partially because of the way they look–not just for the technical specs. Some of the factors of aesthetic and ergonomic design of the plane include: functional requirements, ergonomic comfort, manufacturing specs, assembly and cost. Many pilots and customers also opt for the leather-covered yokes for added aesthetic value and comfort.

Control Wheel Design Ergonomics

Some of the important factors for ergonomic comfort include: accessible control devices, smooth control movements that require little or no effort and comfortable and custom yokes and other controls. It’s also vital that the control devices and backgrounds are the correct colors for the appropriate pilot psychological responses. The yoke must be the right shape and size for the pilot to exert the correct amount of force–but not excessive force.

Man/Machine Interface

Both aircraft designers and operators take the quality of the man/machine interface in an airplane’s cockpit.

We are obsessed with ensuring the cockpit is stylish, comfortable and practical.

Our yokes and controls are made of aluminum castings or advanced plastic composite to ensure maximum comfort. Our grips combine the best electrical functions with tactile comfort. We also pour our knowledge and experience into making the most stylish cockpit controls available.

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