The world of access control management is evolving fast. At Crouzet, we are keen to stay up to date with the latest innovations. On March 20-23, we participated in the Intertraffic event in Amsterdam, the leading exhibition for the traffic industry. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to share knowledge and experience with the leading manufacturers of access control systems. Here are a few of the things we learned about the latest industry trends and future developments.

Access Control Systems is a Fast-Growing Segment

Access control systems are an increasingly important part of the traffic industry. They include automatic parking and highway barriers, passenger access gates, turnstiles, bollards and high-speed doors. As they are becoming more sophisticated, they allow businesses to control who has access to their premises. Businesses can now choose between many options when selecting an access control system for their premises, including systems that rely on codes, access cards and biometric data.

Safety Concerns Are Paramount

Safety is a hot topic in the industry right now. Hence, manufacturers are developing new norms for the safety of automatic barriers with the aim of avoiding crushing accidents. By installing barriers which are able to detect the presence of a human and freeze or retract, businesses can cut down the number of accidents and injuries that occur on their commercial and industrial sites.

Manufacturers Aim to Increase Fluid Traffic Flow

High-speed barriers can improve traffic flow. They allow traffic to flow as freely and with as much fluidity as possible, while still maintaining security for a commercial or industrial premise.

Remote Control and Management Are Becoming Increasingly Important

Businesses today are investing in traffic solutions they can control and manage remotely. Applications allow companies to monitor their hardware and spot early signs of failure. Companies can also manage and control their access solutions from a distance, which can help them save time during their everyday activities.

New Motor Technologies

Due to the evolution of new access control devices, which require greater movement control, greater velocity and increased security, there is now a high demand for smart motors. DC brushless motors with integrated electronics offer numerous advantages in terms of the management of torque, speed, and accurate positioning versus traditional motorization solutions.

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