Second life for computers


hen time comes for PCs to retire, they still can work a few years more. Apart from ending their professional lives in a landfill, there are two other options : either being recycled or being used for individual use.

Crouzet’s IT department chose that second option and organized a raffle to give refurbished computers to 30 lucky winners.
The only condition for them was to pledge a donation to the Emmaüs Connect organization.

Since 2013, Emmaüs Connect has been acting to ensures the digital reintegration of disadvantaged people. The organization’s members are deeply convinced that digital can offer a unique opportunity to increase the impact of its employability.

The action resulted in a €825 donation to the organization, to the great surprise of its President who took the time to call us and express her gratitude.

The CSR committee thanks the IT department, the (lucky and less lucky) participants and the generous donators for this active demonstration of their commitment.

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