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September 19th 2019


rouzet, global supplier of electronic and electromechanics components, has recently released a new line of compact power supplies that offer greater efficiency in a smaller size. The new range of power supplies feature simplified wiring and are perfectly adapted to fit existing Crouzet products.

A new compact range that helps industries save space

Each power supply in Crouzet’s new range is 18 mm (1module) thinner than its predecessor. This efficient use of space allows industries to save valuable space. Miniaturization of products is an important trend in the industrial world, with many businesses looking to cut down on the amount of space that their products take up. There are several options in the new Crouzet range with power values of 10 W, 30 W, and 60 W. For the first time, Crouzet has added a new 100 W power supply to its compact line. Crouzet’s power supplies feature simplified wiring, which makes setting up power supplies easier and more straightforward than ever before.

Efficient operation of new power supplies saves energy.

The new generation of compact power supplies offers improvements in efficiency of up to 90%. They can operate at an increased temperature range of -20 °C to +70 °C. These DIN Rail mount power supplies are therefore suitable for use in a wide range of energy-intensive situations, including HVAC, greenhouse environments, and hydraulic solar heating. They all offer improved performance compared to older models of power supplies.

As well as being energy efficient, Crouzet’s new power supplies are also incredibly safe. They have double insulation and a safety Class II input, which means that no connection to earth is required. This combination of efficiency, performance and safety makes the new power supplies the ideal choice for many industry applications, including renewable energy, access control, compact industrial machines, and building equipment.

Standalone power supplies offer compatibility with many Crouzet products.

Power supplies are no longer simply accessories for Crouzet logic controllers. They now exist as standalone products, with their own features and benefits that can offer significant advantages to businesses. All logical controllers and control products need a reliable power supply to function, and the new Crouzet supplies are an excellent choice. The new power supplies are compatible with Crouzet 24 VDC products including HMI, nano-PLCs, tele-controllers, timers, logic controllers, and many more products.

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