Crouzet plug-in timers

January 14th 2019


ompact timers are easy to configure and offer a range of options.

Crouzet, a global supplier of automation and motion control solutions, has released a new line of timers designed to suit a wide range of applications across many industries. The Syr-line Plug-in timers offer end users easy operation and extra features for convenience.

A new compact range for a better user experience

Measuring just 1.38″ x 1.78″, Syr-line Plug-in timers save space. The Syr-line range of products has eight options: four 8-pin timers and four 11-pin timers. Customers can choose from timers with on-delay, off-delay, repeat cycle or a multifunction option for enhanced flexibility.

“With a compact size and wide time range available on all eight timers, the new Plug-in timers offer a real comfort to their users,” said Hugo Neri, Automation and Control Product Manager. “Less space is needed in the panel, and it is very easy to configure any of the products in a few seconds.”
Syr-line Plug-in timers’ design includes an orange dial that’s easy to see and set. They can also be hand-operated, while it’s also possible to use a screwdriver to adjust the settings. The timers also come with a protective cover that can be locked for security.

A wide time range and universal power supply capabilities: a winning combination

Additional features include a wide time range that allows users to set delays between 0.5 seconds and 10 days. Syr-line Plug-in timers also feature universal power supply capability, which allow them to be used in systems with a 12V DC power supply, a 120V AC power line, or even a 240V AC power line. This flexibility can save businesses time and money because there is no need to reconfigure equipment based on variation in input voltage.

The solution to a large panel of applications

Syr-line Plug-in timers are useful in a wide range of applications, from railway crossings, access doors, commercial ovens, drink dispensers and more. “The compact design and high performance enable us to recommend the new Plug-in timers for HVAC systems where it can secure motor inrush current, and food and beverage or industrial dispensers where dosing is at stake,” said Neri. Syr-line Plug-in timers are cULus- and CE-certified.

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