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What is a timer?

From food and beverage, transportation, energy and infrastructure to commercial and industrial markets, the need for high-power timer applications is huge. Definition A timer is a simple automation component used to manage actions over a period of time or control how long actions last. As a control device, it triggers an action according to a time

Crouzet Launches a Universal Digital Timer

March 17th 2020 Crouzet, global leader in the manufacture of mechatronic components, announces the launch of its universal digital timer, a product that offers unmatched flexibility and operational simplicity for use with complex applications. Efficiency and Flexibility This new digital timer comes with a unique universal connection, which makes it easy to install anywhere. It

Slim Timers for High-Power Applications

SYR-LINE timers meet application requirements for inrush current protection Crouzet introduces its most powerful family of slim timers featuring dual output and high current capacity. SYR-LINE 17.5 mm Analog Timers is the first series in a new family of specialized control devices. SYR-LINE Timers feature high 16A current capabilities to enable control of larger loads