SyrLine Timers


igh-power applications require a high safety level which engineering and development have to meet. Crouzet’s new specialized range aims at satisfying the customers’ needs. Its compact size makes it ideal for panel space while ensuring safety and limiting risk of overheating.

SYR-LINE timers meet application requirements for inrush current protection

Crouzet introduces its most powerful family of slim timers featuring dual output and high current capacity. SYR-LINE 17.5 mm Analog Timers is the first series in a new family of specialized control devices. SYR-LINE Timers feature high 16A current capabilities to enable control of larger loads or a greater number of loads, while providing surge or inrush current protection.
The new timers are well suited for a wide range of high-power timer applications in markets ranging from food and beverage, transportation, energy and infrastructure to commercial and industrial.

“The new SYR-LINE Timers complement Crouzet’s existing timer families by offering a new solution to customers in the high-power timer market,” says Hugo Neri, Global Product Manager at Crouzet North America. “Crouzet is proud to be the first in the market to offer a 17.5 mm timer dual output that allows the user to select the second relay working timed or instantaneous in the front face of the product.”

SYR-LINE ’s high current capability eliminates the need for using a standard timer in conjunction with a contactor to handle increased load size requirements. Complete versatility is provided with choice of 1) single 16A output version for control of high-power applications up to 16 Amps, or 2) double 8A output version for control of two outputs in the same package.
Modular in shape to fit in standard panel cut-outs, the slim 17.5 mm x 90mm form factor saves panel space and installs easily with DIN rail mounting.

With two relays in a single unit, SYR-LINE‘s timed relay output option reduces costs by allowing two outputs to be controlled simultaneously.

This option permits loads to be separated between two outputs so that one load can continue if there is a problem with the other load. In the second output option, users select one output for instantaneous and the second output with a time delay, thereby allowing different loads to be switched on gradually. Timers can be programmed from 0.5 seconds to a 10-day delay. In addition to the traditional functions standard timers provide, SYR-LINE is equipped with other special functions (selectable from front face of product) that include Latching (Alternating) (TL) and Delayed Latching (Alternating) Tt). Available in six configurations, SYR-LINE weighs just 70g, has a mechanical life of 30 x 106 cycles, and is certified under cULus, CE and CCC.



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