Crouzet from France to Soweto


etween October 2017 and January 2018, three separate groups of Crouzet employees and retired people travelled to South Africa on a tour organised by the company works council.

Among other activities, they visited a primary school in Soweto where they met staff and young pupils to deliver school supplies that they had collected from their colleagues before leaving.

They were deeply touched by the children’s way of life in one of the poorest regions of South Africa, just 15km from Johannesburg. Moved by this encounter, they all returned home with the desire to do something more for those pupils.

Inspired by past CSR events, a morning coffee event was selected and Soweto Café was born! During three days, from 7 to 9 am, highly committed retired and current employees animated the event at both Valence sites.

Christine Pracht, who initiated the project, shared her thoughts with us:

“After bringing pens in my suitcase, seeing these smiling children who were happy to receive them, sharing my impressions about this unique school on my return… we had to do something else to support this school and help these children! I am very happy and proud of this action. Everyone’s generosity, our company’s commitment, the time we spent to help, to give, to share with others seemed necessary and essential to me. Thank you all for having made it possible!”
Crouzet_LeDauphinéLibéré Crouzet’s dynamic retirees and volunteers generously made delicious cakes, served hot drinks and fruit juices sold to employees. Combined with generous donations, all the money collected was matched by the company, for a total donation of 3536€!

These funds were transferred directly via our local travel agency to the school in Soweto. By securing the money wire, we could have the guarantee that the funds would be distributed to the school without any intermediaries.

We extend a big thank you to all the participants to this spontaneous action and fun action and are very proud of our current and former employees’ committed to the event.

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