ustomers in the world of access control are seeking motion control solutions that increase the level of safety and security for a wide range of applications. Our fast-paced environment demands instantaneous communication, response and control in ways not predicted even a decade ago. Applications range from subways, parking structures, building/vehicle/passenger access, automatic and sliding doors used in metro systems, trams, trains, and bank airlocks; as well as turnstiles, barriers and motorized traffic controls.

Precision control and management achieved with sophisticated intelligence in motor software

Crouzet is answering these demands with a range of intelligent brushless motors, matching gearboxes and software dedicated to access control management with exact precision. Precision is crucial when a split second can make the difference as to whether a person is injured or whether an ‘automated’ access control malfunctions and causes disruption in the flow of foot or vehicle traffic. Automated access control systems must be capable of responding with extreme precision appropriate to the situation at hand.

For example, in a large rolling gate parking area application, a Crouzet motor system installation is smart and precise enough to detect real-time nuances that may cause harm. In this application a classic motion control installation includes a detector or sensor to tell the motor to ‘close’ or ‘open’ the gate. Extremely large detectors that sense the presence of a car may not be capable of sensing a person going through. However with the additional I/O capabilities of Crouzet’s intelligent motors, supplemental sensing can be deployed and identifying a human presence is easily accomplished, preventing any harm.

Programs pre-loaded on the motor

One of Crouzet’s solutions to this type of sophisticated motion control application is the DCmind SMi21 Brushless Motor. Extreme accuracy is achieved by means of an encoder with 4096 pulses/revolution that precisely controls position, torque, speed, direction, braking and other functions. DCmind motors are programmed with Crouzet’s easy-to-use DCmind Soft, a proprietary software that gives customers the ability to quickly set up a system using programs dedicated to access control that are pre-loaded on the motor. These programs are specific to different applications within the access control segment, such as turnstiles, gates, bollards, barriers etc.

Smart motors with integrated electronics

DCmind SMi21 Brushless motors are available in a range from 40 to 700 watts nominal usable power at 24VDC (supports 9-56 VDC) and have 6 inputs and 4 outputs, 2 of which are 10-bit analog inputs. They include smart, integrated electronics, a control loop for simple motor management and internal thermal protection to ensure safety. Excellent EMC characteristics assure operational safety and reliability. These motors can be supplied as direct drive motors or geared motors, with planetary or worm gearboxes and with a wide range of options.

With integrated electronics bringing intelligence directly to the motor, access control applications are rapidly advancing. Extreme precision provides improved safety and security along with providing a global overview of motion control system with just a single monitoring unit. With Crouzet’s key strength in adapting existing products and developing new products to exactly match customers’ motion control requirements, Crouzet is well equipped to meet whatever is required, specifically in the access control field.