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How to Control Vehicle Access?

From boom barriers to bollards, there are many ways to control vehicle access. The right solution for your site depends on your objectives. Industrial, residential, highway and military sites all have different needs when it comes to vehicle access. Let’s take a look at the various vehicle access control options and see how they compare

What Is a Bollard?

A complete review of the access control equipments

Let’s take a look at the important role that bollards play in society and assess the market trends affecting the manufacture and supply of bollards.   Definition of a Bollard At its most basic, a bollard is simply a post that blocks or guides traffic flow. However, many bollards have more advanced features that allow

Increasing Safety and Security in Access Control Applications

Extreme precision provides improved safety and security

Precision control and management achieved with sophisticated intelligence in motor software Crouzet is answering these demands with a range of intelligent brushless motors, matching gearboxes and software dedicated to access control management with exact precision. Precision is crucial when a split second can make the difference as to whether a person is injured or whether