Home secured access


inding the right gates and doors to protect your home is a serious process. You want to keep your residence secure while allowing an easy flow of traffic for approved entrants — all without going over budget? Fortunately, there is a gate or other driveway barrier for everyone.


Choosing Gates, Doors and Barriers Based on Needs

    • Boom Barriers: These horizontal barriers are the type of gates you see at train tracks and inside parking garages. They’re a simple gate that restricts access to your driveway rain or shine. They are great for homes that don’t have an attached fence.
    • Sliding Gates: Sliding gates are more secure than a boom barrier. They cover the entire entryway and can be six feet tall or higher. Because they slide horizontally, sliding gates go behind a fence or wall when open.
    • Swinging Gates: Swing gates provide a similar level of security to a sliding gate, but they open inward toward the driveway or outward, toward the street. You must make sure you have enough clearance before installing one, but they won’t interfere with landscaping like a sliding gate might.
    • Bollards: Bollards are horizontal posts that prevent access to a driveway or mark a perimeter. They can be stationary or collapsible. These simple barriers are very low-maintenance, prevent accidents and deter cars from driving up a walkway.


Using Access Control Systems for Added Security

    • Keypad or Remote Control: Keypad and remote control systems access allows for easy entry residents. Guests who don’t have a remote for the gate can type in the guest access code on the keypad.
    • Proximity Sensor: A proximity sensor is ideal for all exiting vehicles. When a car gets within a few feet of the gate, it will automatically open. You can also add a sensor to your car for entrance; the car will communicate with the gate and open when it recognizes the signal.
    • Fingerprint: Biometric readers provide advanced security. Approved fingerprints alone are approved for entry, and unlike remote controls or entry codes, you’ll never lose your fingerprint or have it stolen.
    • Telephone Access: With telephone access at your gate, you can talk to everyone who wants to enter. Your gate is linked to the phone of your choice and you can use your keypad to open it.


Protecting your home while allowing a flow of traffic is a delicate balance, but one you can achieve. With the right security gate, post, or door, you’ll sleep better at night in no time.

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