Train Technology


rain technology has elevated the rail experience to rival that of other popular forms of travel. Contemporary travelers now enjoy improvements that make taking the train safer, faster and more convenient. With even more advances on the horizon, it’s time to realize that these are not your grandparents’ trains.



New train technology allows trains to go faster more safely. Sensors on the tracks allow trains to talk to each other, as well as to a central control area. As a result, trains can be rerouted if difficulties arise or dangers are present on the tracks or in the train itself. Passengers experience less wait time, the trips are faster, and safety is improved.
Technological advances make the trains faster. Recently, China developed a new train that can run at a maximum speed of 248 mph. This development comes after the government reduced speeds in 2011 due to a fatal crash. Now, mechanical engineers have created a system that can automatically slow down the train if dangerous conditions develop. Imagine how quickly commuters could make the 226-mile trip between New York and Washington, D.C. on one of those trains.


Driverless Trains

The first driverless train in the United States is being readied in Honolulu in 2017. Once the testing is complete, the trains will run without a human operator on board. The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) says the train will be able to run at 55 mph and be able to adjust speeds and brake on its own. Because human error will be eliminated, the train experience should be more reliable and convenient for commuters.


Other Advances

The future includes a totally automated train experience, which includes automated ticketing and automated gates. Humans will be monitoring each station through cloud computing, but few, if any, people will be involved in direct train service. As a result, passengers can expect an easier, more predictable experience.

The transportation industry has fully embraced technological advances, completely revolutionizing train travel. Customers will be able to purchase tickets, board the trains and arrive on time without the presence of a crew or other service personnel. In 2017, trains are no longer just chugging along.

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