Automatic Sliding door


sliding door is a door that opens when a person or object approaches. Once a person or object has cleared the doorway, it closes automatically.

This smart automatic door design makes it easy to pass through doors with hands full of groceries or luggage, lets multiple people enter and exit quickly, and increases mobility for disabled people. Popular for their convenience, efficiency and safety, automatic sliding door and gate mechanisms are commonly used in all kinds of settings.


How Automatic Sliding Doors Work

Although the automatic opening and closing of sliding doors often seems like magic, there is actually an intelligent system at work. Mechanical or automatic doors use a sensor (pressure, infrared, optical, motion) to detect the approach of a pedestrian. Next, the electric motor is triggered and the door opens. Limit switches for automatic sliding doors determine when the door is all the way open and when a person has passed through, triggering it to close again.


Sliding Doors Everywhere

Elevator doors are one of the earliest uses of automatic sliding doors. Technology advancements have made sliding doors more efficient and economical, and they are now commonly used in many commercial buildings.
Retail storefronts, banks, hospitals, airports, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets and all kinds of public structures can all benefit from quick and sleek automatic sliding doors. For example, institutions and businesses use sliding doors with access control to automatically verify and grant entry to employees and visitors.


Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

Efficiency is a top consideration when opting to install automatic sliding doors. The automatic opening and closing controls the flow of pedestrian traffic and allows for smooth, quick entry.
Smart automatic gates are extremely safe, built with an anti-clamp design that ensures the door will re-open if obstacles are in the doorway. They can be manually operated in the event that the sensor malfunctions, or be powered off completely. They also act as a barrier to elements such as wind and noise.
The working components of sliding doors have long use lives and relatively easy installation, making them a sound investment.


Final Thoughts on Sliding Doors

For pedestrian throughways, an electric sliding door mechanism is fast, convenient and easy to use. For organizations and businesses they are also an effective, efficient and safe way to monitor or control building access, at the same time adding aesthetic appeal.

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