Lockheed-Martin LM-100J


resented for the first time to the world at the 2017 Paris Air Show, the LM-100J is the commercial freighter version of the legendary C-130J Super Hercules.

Designed to support civilian transport needs, it’s certified CFR14 Part 25 and must be AC25981 compliant, i.e. the wiring of the fuel pumps immersed in the fuel tanks must be protected from the risk of electric arcing.

GF-AFCB in circuit breaker pannel

Each aircraft has 14 Crouzet GF-AFCBs on board. Its integrated software is certified DO178 (DAL-B), meaning it is qualified free of errors or failure likely to cause a major incident.

Other aircraft using arcing protection: Antonov 132, Antonov 158, Antonov 178.