Crouzet Valence collecting caps to help disabled people


or two years now, our Crouzet sites in Valence have been collecting plastic caps.

Not only this long-term action aims at preserving the environment by limiting plastic wastes and favoring recycling but it also aims at relieving the living conditions for disabled people.

Once collected and sorted, caps are sold to recycling plants. The earned money enables “Plein les yeux”, the local charity behind this initiative, to fund totally or partially specific materials such as ergonomic devices, walkers, wheelchairs, bath seats, computers with voice software…
In 2016, not less than 34 tons of caps were collected! The organization and its volunteers pursue their effort to improve disabled people’ day to day life.

In 2017, we were pleased to deliver 17 bags of plastic caps to the organization together with a 180€ donation.
Cécile Regal, the organization’s President, was warmly thankful and wrote us:

“You recently supported our action with a donation and collected caps and I wanted to thank you deeply for your generosity. Your contribution will enable local people with disabilities benefit from the help of our organization.”

We are proud of our employees committed to such a simple action which can partly relieve other people’s life.

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