Failsafe train speed


driver relies on the master controller for safe operation of a train. The master controller is an instrument that allows the driver to make adjustments to speed, traction, and braking instantaneously. The master controller may also contain optional equipment such as video displays and positive train control.


For modern train drivers, the master controller is essential to all aspects of train operation, so it needs to be failsafe. Your company can take the following three steps to make your trains as failsafe as possible.

Mechanical Endurance

The master controller is put through its paces on every trip, year after year. In addition to proper maintenance, your master controllers need the right level of mechanical endurance to continue operating as they should. Experts say that a master controller should have more than 1,000,000 switching cycles. Some master controllers can provide 10,000,000 operating cycles. Your company needs to invest in a high level of mechanical endurance to protect your passengers.


Working Conditions Safeguards

You should also install master controllers that can withstand extreme working conditions such as high temperatures, violent vibrations, and thick dust. Look for models that have a wide ambient temperature range with sturdy protective housings and covers. Some models are both shock and vibration- proof, which helps ensure the safe operation of the trains.


Double Safety

Backup operational features help make your trains truly failsafe. This equipment operates even in the case of component failure. For instance, if a snap action microswitch fails, the train can lose auxiliary contact, which can lead to a catastrophic incident. Your master controllers should have microswitches with double-break contacts and positive opening operation. This equipment ensures that the contacts will open even when the snap mechanism spring breaks. Train safety requires such double safety measures.


Master controllers are a vital element of train operation. Failure of these components can be devastating, so your company needs to make them as failsafe as possible. Doing so requires investing in the right technology initially and updating the equipment as necessary. You must provide constant monitoring and maintenance of this equipment and stay current with industry innovation.

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