Crouzet sport tournament


or this 21st edition of our annual sport tournament, competitors were just as motivated as ever and eager to win.

Twelve teams were in contention for the podium places in several activities : football, volleyball, darts, the French pétanque and even a musical quiz!

As usual, colleagues from our Alès site had come along completely pumped up and determined to take the Cup back home with them. Did they succeed? Of course, they did! They won the pétanque… quite a logical result for the most Southern team of the contest.

All the results of this friendly evening:

  • Football: Smart Team
  • Volleyball: Purchasing Team
  • Darts: Aero Team
  • Pétanque: Olympique Moteurs
  • Musical Quiz: Blue Conquistadores

Like in 2018, we entrusted the local organization, VaMaGazelle to manage the bar and BBQ, what the French call “Buvette” in those friendly events. Thanks to the Buvette and lottery combined, the event helped raise 1337€ which were matched by the company giving a total amount of 2674€ split between three organizations: VaMaGazelle, Goeland, Prospect hospice.

Congratulations to all participants and champions. Many thanks to VaMaGazelle and to all the volunteers at Crouzet who set up the fields, refereed matches, led the quiz and helped us pack up after the event. And a special thank you to the AS Veore Football Club for lending us their sport facilities. This was another successful and fun event!

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