Crouzet Cealn Up Week 2019


his year again, Crouzet CSR teams had decided to organize a great week around the World Clean Up Day. All locations contributed to the #CrouzetCleanUpWeek.

Whether in France, China, Morocco or in the USA; whether with colleagues, friends or families, volunteers from every Crouzet sites took their bin bags and their gloves to clean up the near-by areas.

Some examples of the actions led:

  • In France, one of our colleagues organized an action with his neighbourhood association on the worldwide Clean Up Day. Children with their parents, some retired people and other exterior participants. Divided into 2 groups, they spent 2 hours picking up waste. And they spared no effort to gather: 127 glass bottles, 1 100-liter bag of cans, 1 50-liter bag of plastic bottles, 3 bags of non-recyclable waste, 1 50-liter bag of cardboard and papers,…
  • “We were 8 last year, this year we were 47 people!”
  • In Casablanca, Morocco​, 94 participants gathered in the Sidi Maarouf Prefecture’s garden to relook and clean it up all. They decided to clean the alleys, paint ​park furniture, plant trees and set up ​waste bins while ​raising awareness among young generation.
  • In Allen, USA, on world clean-up day 2019 (Sept 21st), a terrific team walked the paths and clambered through the brush of Watter’s Creek trail to clear the discarded plastic waste along the way.

The sporty ones did not hesitate to put on their trainers. In Shanghai, they ran 4km around the office after work to pick up trashes on the road. In France, the Crouzet running team profited by its weekly training session to collect 6 bags of 15kg each of cigarettes packs, plastic bags, wheel covers and so on.

And those who could not do it during the week had anticipated and dedicated one day during their holidays to clean up the French Cassis’s coves. Even our CSR manager, Dean Whittaker, did his bit in… Greenland!

Crouzet Clean Up Week in Greenland

Many thanks to all our collaborators who have answered the call to action worldwide!

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  1. Whittaker

    Congratulations to all the teams!! Great organisation and a lot of fun for everyone judging by the photos. The Brick Award 2019 could be a tough choice!! 🙂