Bottle cap collect


he «Plein les yeux» organization based in Tain l’Hermitage, 20 km North of Valence, collects different types of tops (cork or plastic) with the aim of selling them for being recycled and generating funds to help disabled people

While preserving natural resources, this action is part and parcel of sustainable development. Plastic tops are changed into pallets, bins and pipes. Cork is used to make insulator material and imitation cork enters the composition of a hardening agent and shock absorber for gardening tool handles as well as for tarmac.

For 3 years, our employees on our Valence sites have been committed to collecting their plastic tops and acting to improve their environment with a small daily action.

In 2018, the amount of tops we collected continued to increase up to 200L and the Crouzet company was pleased to value the collect by a 200€ extra donation to the organization.

“On the whole, we sent 14 tons of tops for being recycled in 2018. 12 tons are about to be delivered by early 2019 and there is still 1 ton to be separated. We are very grateful for people’s help as members of a company or simply as a citizen. We also deeply thank all the volunteers who help us all the year through.”, commented the organization’s leaders.

Once more, “Plein les Yeux” was able to make disabled people’s lives lighter. For instance, they were able to partially or totally fund:

  • A tricycle for a 9-year-old boy
  • A computer with its adapted software for a 7-year-old boy
  • Foam carpets for 2 girls (aged 20 and 4) to enable them to move without being injured
  • An appropriate device to help a physically disabled young adult slide easily onto the passenger seat of a car

And many other devices contributing to relieving their daily lives (shower bars, meal accessories, walking frames, hearing aids, …)

We are really happy to help the “Plein les yeux” organization through this act of generosity which also benefits the Earth. Many thanks to all our employees engaged in this action for solidarity and sustainability.

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